Monday, October 12, 2020

The Creative Seller Archived

After 13+ yrs and several name changes, The Creative Seller is now an archived blog and will remain up for a period of time. I will continue to monitor comments to delete spammers as I move on to other writing pursuits.

Thanks for all of your visits and comments over the years. 


Sunday, March 15, 2020

Why Are Your Digital Ads Not Increasing Sales?

Google rakes in over $135 billion and Facebook $70 billion as sellers spend more dollars for part of the digital advertising pie, according to They are investigating why increased seller competition for the same marketing demographic is becoming more expensive and less profitable.

I noticed years ago that with our struggling economy more creatives were coming online to sell their products. We see just how stiff the competition has become with the closing of many veteran shops and the many defunct venues. The handmade sellingscape has virtually collapsed under the burden of so many sellers and so few customers and traffic.

Statcounter says there are more new businesses competing, but what is Google and Facebook doing as sellers devote more of their advertising budget to digital ads? They change their SEO calculations, i.e., algorithms, which results in less free organic real estate to be shared by sellers. This tactic pushes sellers to buy more ad exposure with the payback not being what is expected. Are you spending your ad dollars in the most profitable way? Read more about Statcounter's research here.

A Statcounter account to analyze your traffic trends is free for 30 days. I joined many years ago and my account is still free. In addition to the .html to add a counter to your site, they offer a blog, forum, support and upgrades.

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

New Logo Poll Drawing Results

The majority favored the tri-colored hearts. I liked it too so it will be my main logo. Because I loved the green hearts I've decided to also use them. I have three sub-brands and the green hearts will represent my beaded handmades with this logo:
My paper-crafted handmades will be represented with this logo, where I changed the hearts to fuchsia:

I then changed the hearts to turquoise to represent my handmade embellishments and supplies brand:

I'm so glad that I asked for your help, because it led me to more creativity and satisfaction.

Two people dropped out of the drawing, so that left 7.  If the winner forfeits the gift I will run another drawing. The winner who picked is: SUSAN! Congrats Susan! Sent you a private FB msg.

I plan to run other drawings for various reasons in the future. I'm sure I will be making some products especially for these drawings. The person who last won a drawing will be dropped from the next drawing so as not to win twice in a row. Sometimes I may draw twice for one giveaway. I've always wished I had more of a chance to win when entering drawings with many others.

Thanks again! This was great fun!
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