Tuesday, October 8, 2019

New Logo Poll Drawing Results

The majority favored the tri-colored hearts. I liked it too so it will be my main logo. Because I loved the green hearts I've decided to also use them. I have three sub-brands and the green hearts will represent my beaded handmades with this logo:
My paper-crafted handmades will be represented with this logo, where I changed the hearts to fuchsia:

I then changed the hearts to turquoise to represent my handmade embellishments and supplies brand:

I'm so glad that I asked for your help, because it led me to more creativity and satisfaction.

Two people dropped out of the drawing, so that left 7.  If the winner forfeits the gift I will run another drawing. The winner who Random.org picked is: SUSAN! Congrats Susan! Sent you a private FB msg.

I plan to run other drawings for various reasons in the future. I'm sure I will be making some products especially for these drawings. The person who last won a drawing will be dropped from the next drawing so as not to win twice in a row. Sometimes I may draw twice for one giveaway. I've always wished I had more of a chance to win when entering drawings with many others.

Thanks again! This was great fun!

Monday, October 7, 2019

Rainy Monday Motivation For Everyday

A rainy Monday does not suppress creativity. There is very little that can. A rainy day promotes quietness and peace, the perfect atmosphere to foster thoughts of new creations. A rainy day slows us down, so that the dreams of creations that get lost in a busy in-and-out day can bloom into fruition. Embrace your rainy day and make your new creations that have been pressing you to allow them to come forth. Let them live, on a rainy day.

I'm getting together a pkg of paper crafted gifts for a poll I recently ran. It's almost more fun giving away something handmade than preparing an order. Almost. Have you run any giveaways lately? How do you structure yours? Do you run them often?

Embrace your rainy Monday and let your new creations come forth.
Here is a motivational blog that I ran across called Unapologetic Happiness, where the writer offers motivation and tips on how to choose happiness everyday. It is owned by Shanette Mcneill, a health & wellness coach and a certified life coach.

Sparkle Image Credit: Google, Black Birds And Butterflies
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