Friday, May 3, 2019

MARKETING: Roberto Blake On Marketing Yourself

"You should be spending your time on what are called revenue-generating opportunities, and marketing and promoting yourself are a big part of that."

Though Roberto's videos focus on the design industry, his business advice is pertinent across many industries. Listen to what he says in this video about,
  • showing up to promote yourself -vs- giving your competitor free reign,
  • why others are getting the business and sales,
  • the opposite of complaining about not getting results,
  • speaking for your work -vs- letting your work speak for itself,
  • how to close the deal,
  • the secret to his success,
  • and his valuable tips for promoting yourself. 
Learn how to become a more dedicated, savvy, smart and ambitious businessperson by listening to Roberto Blake's videos. Allow his experience, confidence and no-nonsense delivery influence you to higher heights of success in your creative disciplines.

Roberto Blake is a professional graphic designer, creative entrepreneur, public speaker and business coach. He always makes the most perfect points as he delivers his marketing wisdom and business knowledge. 

Roberto creates interesting business videos and none of his words are wasted. Just about every phrase that he speaks is a profound and valuable morsel to squirrel away for smart-business sustenance. His videos are usually of a shorter, non-exhausting length, so it is easy to make time for them.  Listen to Roberto and learn.


Davis said...

Very knowledgeable what he says.

Michelle Churchman said...

Saving this for later viewing!

Michelle Churchman said...

I enjoyed this video. He makes a seemingly obvious, but important point about the necessity of making yourself known. While he was talking about graphic design, this is the same point that was made to me when I first became a financial advisor. And it applies to any handcrafting as well.

Artsy Craftery Design Studio said...

@Feon Davis Yes, I've watched many of his vids and they have helped me to focus on what is important about being successful. Thanks for commenting!

Artsy Craftery Design Studio said...

@Michelle Churchman That's how he is. He gets to the point, makes many points and and also speaks about some subjects that others don't take time to broach. I've learned a lot from him.

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