Wednesday, May 1, 2019

CRAFTING: Weave On A Cardboard Loom

A friend explained to me how to hand weave a simple image. We talked about the warp and the weft and tying off for color change.
Willowbrook Art

EtsyOffsAndEnds at Tumblr
She explained about choosing light colored (neutral) threads for the warp (lengthwise threads), which will cause them to almost disappear when the weft (crosswise threads) are woven in.

Art For Housewives

Sjaneloomba at flickr

She talked about cutting off the tied off threads or weaving them in behind.  I discussed keeping them and incorporating them into the design.

Historic Weaving Website
As a mixed media artist, I rarely remove and throw away anything, unless that is essential to the design. I use virtually everything and I would simply creatively weave it in.  I said I would tie beads or found objects onto the fiber ends. 

Isn't this a lovely circular weave by BeesyBeeFiber?

Thinking more about the tied-off threads, I thought that I could even glue them up onto the background in an interesting, textural design.
Saved By Love Creations
I really like the mug rug, because it is something that can be made quickly. 

This is a very simple, quick and easy to understand video on hand weaving, from taylli at YouTube.

I really enjoyed the quick discussion lesson from my weaving friend.  I don't think I would have ever figured out on my own the information that she gave me. I have known for some time that I wanted to get into art weaving, but hadn't researched it in depth.


As usual, I can hardly wait until I begin my first one.  I plan to keep mine very simple, but we'll see.

Bags To Riches at CraftyStylish

Taylli also shares how to use a hand weaving loom made of cardboard. She features the hands of some of her students. They also show how to make the cardboard loom.

Wouldn't it be exciting to design and make a simple wall hanging?  I'd make an easy landscape to start.  I love nature at lot, including leaves and trees.

Try it and share your experience with pics.

Kato Charles Folk Art


Carol-Ann said...

This is a brilliant idea, thank you for sharing I have also wanted to try weaving and now I just might :)

Artsy Craftery Design Studio said...

Hi Carol-Ann! Yeah, I'm one too who loves making my own craft tools. The handmade cardboard and box looms really excite me. Looking forward to making some mug rugs and want to see what you make. Thanks for commenting!

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