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CRAFTING: Glycerine Pour Soapmaking Tips Pt 1

You can create some lovely, fragrant soaps with health and beauty benefits through quick and easy glycerine pouring. The field is wide open when it comes to combining ingredients, designing scents and mixing colors. As with all crafting products, there are various qualities of products at various price points. It is relatively inexpensive and affordable to pour your first batch of glycerine soap.

Skin tightening lemon verbena and rose glycerine soap by Artsy Craftery Studio

You need a glycerine soap base, which comes in clear, white (with coconut oil added), avocado, olive oil, shea butter and others. Everything but clear is translucent or opaque and the ingredients affect the color of the soaps. If you want to play with color-mixing, start with a clear glycerine base. I like the bright, jewel-tone look of the colors that I add to my clear batches.
Glycerine Pour Soapmaking Tips at The Creative Seller

Glycerine bases are pure vegetable soaps that contain aloe vera and vitamin E, as you can see in the ingredients list in the image below. The standard and widely available 2 lb brick is usually molded into 32 cubes cutting guidelines. It feels hard but glycerine bricks are easy to cut through with a knife or thin cutting blade.
Easy to cut glycerin soap base blocks can come pre-scored.

Glycerine soap bases also come in solid blocks that you would score before cutting. Hobby Lobby's Something Fabulous brand glycerine base comes in cubes. I enjoy cutting the 2 lb bricks and the flat container is easier to stack and store than a bag of cubes.

Glycerine soap base ingredients at The Creative Seller

This brand of glycerine base even has quick instructions on the lid.
How to start making glycerine soaps by Artsy Craftery Studio
It's not necessary, but start with a 2 lb brick of glycerine soap base if you can, because the soap base melts down to less than you would think. The melted soap also empties quickly into the molds, sometimes leaving barely enough soap to finish the batch. With the 2 lb brick, you know that you will usually have enough for standard molds. You can cut off extra cubes if needed.

Store your glycerine base supply in a cool, dry place. If necessary, it can even be kept in the refrigerator.

Now you can decide what you want to use for your soap molds. In Part 2, I'll share mold ideas and what I used when I started out making glycerine pour soaps.

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Liz at The Cape Coop gives some great points on the pros of making glycerine soaps versus the traditional cold-process soaps.

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