Monday, April 22, 2019

DAILY GREETINGS: Good Monday Morning!

Good Monday Morning from The Creative Seller

Going to finish a new Fiverr gig banner today. Fiverr is a selling platform where creatives of all types offer services and products. There are a lot of graphic design, coding and writing gigs available there.

Pretty much letting my Positive Words Artwork Etsy shop listings expire out for now and focusing on my printables and graphics shop, Printaphoria. Positive Words Artwork is my general handmades shop. I try to focus on listing handmades and artwork there that features positive-thinking, motivational and uplifting words and designs.

Printaphoria is my newer shop where I design and list printables, digitals, graphics and downloadables.
What changes are YOU making  this summer to your creative life and business?
Retiring this year and lots of changes and reorganization coming!  What changes will YOU be making this summer?

Images Credit: Facebook and Google


Michelle said...

That’s the thing about us creative types - more ideas than we have time for. Although retirement ought to help considerably. It did me.

Artsy Craftery Design Studio said...

Oh yes, Michelle, retirement = all free time to create! A little frightening though to anticipate that once the time-constraint blockages are taken away and retirement sets in that all of the creative projects that have been held back will come crashing in like a burst dam! :)) Lol! But I welcome it. I'd rather almost drown in freedom than to continue like I am now.

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