Thursday, April 18, 2019

BUSINESS: I Left The Meraki Market Because

Meraki Market craft group at Facebook
I joined The Meraki Market & The Meraki Market Vendor Planning pages at Facebook, two closed crafters' groups where various events, sales and promotions are held. I had learned about them through a post at the Buy Sell Handmade Marketplace , where I asked a few questions after I visited the market's pages. Since I could not glean much info at the pages, I joined.
After I was approved, I commented and asked questions regarding if the listings were ever seen by the public. All members are admins, with a few who manage the groups designated as top/main admins. My comment was pended, to be reviewed by the managers, but my post was never published, nor did anyone ever contact me with answers. Sadly, my moderated comment also disappeared from my pending posts.

I wrote two more pended comments about a week after my first, but that morning when I saw that my first comment had disappeared without ever hearing from anyone, I immediately wrote a third, informing them that I was leaving the group. My new comments were there in the pended record, so I knew that the moderation/pending system was working. Apparently, my first comment, where I asked pertinent questions, was deleted.

I assume that The Meraki Market is a group where advertising is done among the members only and everyone is selling to each other. It's a visually attractive setup with good organization of events, it seems. The graphics are beautifully-designed, but none of this makes the group worth the time, since no listings are seen by the public.

I find the activities, navigation and general interface to be confusing, complicated and frustrating. I saw at least one other comment from a member who expressed similar frustrations. I could have learned how to be active there, but none of my listings would have ever been seen by potential customers on the outside. Therefore, there would not be enough sales to make all of that effort worthwhile.

If you like the friendly, cloistered-type of sales environment where only about 550 or so members get a chance to peruse your wares, The Meraki Market seems like a great place to work with. I did appreciate the well-designed images and banners. I do, however, take issue with the little link in the right-hand sidebar. It states Very Responsive To Messages. Maybe this is true to get crafters in, since this is a Messenger link accessible from the outside, but I think the questions from a new member, via comment, are just as important.


Michelle said...

So strange! I can’t see any way that marketing model could be successful.

Artsy Craftery Design Studio said...

Hi Michelle:

Yeah, not in the way that we call successful, which is through the possibility of unlimited and increasing sales from public visitors. When we handmades sellers end up selling among ourselves at a site that has little to no traffic, we HATE it! :)

Thanks for visiting,

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