Saturday, February 16, 2019

NEWS: How Useful Are Zibbet Sales Channels?

The new Zibbet Sales Channel Hub is interesting, but not sure I want to pay an extra $5 per month to list at Etsy. The Hub will work as a central base of operations, but I will still have to visit the particular venue to see stats, interact at the forums, edit my shop, etc., I assume. Maybe this assumption is incorrect.

Unless I'm not understanding the value of the service, it seems that I'd be paying to export, basically. Would it be frugal to pay to do that when mostly everything that I would need to do would have to be done off-Zibbet-site at the other site? I do think that this is a valuable feature, as described by Zibbet, and the basis for the usefulness of the channels:

Make product changes onceList your products directly from Zibbet and publish it everywhere you sell at the same time. Any product changes, such as a new photo, title etc, only need to be made once and it’s updated everywhere.

I'm always interested in what the Australia-based Zibbet is doing. I used to be a member there and made a few sales. I enjoyed my time listing at Zibbet, because it was a very exciting period in the selling venue's history. I only left because free shops were pushed aside for subscription-based enhancement and promotion. There is still a token free shop feature, but it is marketed as a trial to evaluate purchasing a subscription. Jonathan assured me that I could return at any time and I think about it often.

Zibbet says "The new Zibbet is pre-launch, but you can sign up today to request early access." I'll have to see what other Zibbet Sales Channels value points will be shared. Each channel is $5 per month with a minimum of 2 channels required and that does not negate fees charged at the other venues. Current channels available are Zibbet, Etsy and Stitch. What do you think?

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