Friday, February 22, 2019

NEW PRODUCTS: Printable Scripture Pocket Cards

I have a variety of little cards like these around the house and they are very handy. One good use they have is in helping me remember my fav scriptures and motivational confirmations.

I designed these pocket cards, which can be used also as mini bookmarks and memory flash cards, with scripture encouragement to not live in fear.
Flowers are always encouraging and uplifting, but I will eventually design a set with a non-floral design. I like to design products that men would like, with darker, muted colors and less-feminine motifs, because the majority of merchandise seem to be geared towards women.

Printables and digitals are passive income streams. They are also becoming more popular as buyers look for more ways to enhance their lives and save money. Maybe you should consider building your skills and designing and selling printables.

Fear Not Printable Pocket Cards at Printaphoria

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