Saturday, January 12, 2019

NEWS: Webshots 20 Yrs Old & Selling Subscriptions

Webshots is 20 years old today and sent me an offer, which arrived in my junk folder, to buy a yearly subscription to the website for $19.99. The link sent me to a payment landing page with no branding on it whatsoever. I would think they would direct potential buyers to an info page at the website, where I could read about Webshots today.

I will not purchase, but it would have been more conducive to me buying had they done that. I haven't used Webshots since about 2006 and they changed owners, I think, after that. I also shy away from unbranded payment pages, though a branded page can easily be falsified. Must be always vigilant! We are advised to not make payments at page links that arrived into our email boxes, but to go directly to the websites instead. That's what I would do, contact the website and ask for the promotion. I would explain that I was leery of the junk mail and unbranded landing page.

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