Saturday, December 15, 2018

NEW SHOP LAUNCH: Michelle's Bijou Bead Boutique Standalone

Michelle Churchman's Bijou Bead Boutique Logo

Michelle Churchman recently opened her artisan jewelry, standalone online shop at Bijou Bead Boutique.

This online shop looks great, with a large amount of white space that helps the homepage look clean and crisp. It also helps the product images to appear bright and sharp. I made two suggestions for improvements to Michelle:

1) She should consider making her top left logo larger so that people can begin to distinguish it around the internet. The current size is showing at 2,160px × 2,160px (scaled to 50px × 50px). At that size it is not large enough to be learned and recognized by visitors. I only know what it looks like because I saw her announcement post at Facebook.

2) For her top-centered shop name, she should capitalize each word: BijouBeadBoutique, to give it more prominence. Without the caps, it looks diminished or not very important.

The design and format of Bijou Bead Boutique makes it a shop that I'd want to enter into and buy! That's the goal of all of us handmades sellers, to design a shop that is attractive and inviting.

Good job, Michelle and good luck with your new shop! 

Connect with Michelle at her Facebook page

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