Thursday, December 6, 2018

JEALOUS MEALOUS: Say It With Pillows

Say It With Pillows Shop

This Etsy seller has the most sales that I've seen yet! It's pillow cover designer Say It With Pillows out of Chicago, IL. I guess many of the sales came through her HGTV feature, but maybe she was doing well before that.
Contemporary graphic designs pillow covers from Say It With Pillows Shop

The owner has a degree in Interior Design and has been sewing for a long time. She loves coordinating fabrics also. It shows in her Etsy shop listings design.
Say It With Pillows Shop Fish Pillow Design

Yellow, gray, white pillow cover designs from Say It With Pillows Shop
By the way, she has made 37,557 sales since 2012. That's a whopping average of 521+ pillow cover(s) sales per month! How many of you handmades sellers would like to push that volume? I can see myself being overwhelmed, all the way to the bank!
Say It With Pillows Shop white and green deer antlers pillow cover.

Modern print abstract floral pillow cover from Say It With Pillows Shop.
She does not share her name at her Etsy shop, but she has raised her kids and has been doing design work for decades. She chose a great product with which to launch her shop. It is so easy and economical to change the look of a room with pillow covers. The best thing? You can easily change out each season, holiday, event...

Visit Say It With Pillows' Etsy shop here.

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