Sunday, December 23, 2018

Happy Winter & Poetry Inspiration

May Your Season Be Filled
With Warm Inspiration!

The Sky Through Bare Branches 

I love seeing the sky
Through bare branches.
I don't know what it is,
But the white limbs 
Of the paper birch look silvery
Against the azure blue.

I love seeing the sky through bare branches.
As the scattered leaves shiver stiffly
In the cold gust,
It's time to bid fall

©2013 SJHolland 

Poetry Writing Inspiration:

I don't identify and write formal poetry styles very much. I do use the words haiku, senryu and free verse, because their formats are easy to understand and practice.

An easy way to write a 2-stanza free verse poem is to make the last words of each stanza rhyme. You then have more freedom and less constriction in writing the rest of the poem. A stanza is traditionally 4 lines, but can be any number of lines in the poetic paragraph. It's up to you. You decide.

Creative Selling Ideas at TCS

Cover a wall art-sized piece of cardboard with paper. If patterned, paint over with solid paint, covering completely or randomly, as with altered art. Hand-letter or ransom-note journal your poem on it. Embellish and decorate with various elements, creating mixed media artwork featuring your poem. Add string or wire threaded through the top, or to the back, for hanging. A nice gift to self, or another.

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