Friday, December 21, 2018

Happy Creative Friday!

Creativity Is A Thank Worthy Ability

I am thankful for so many things today,
but I am most grateful for the ability to
create anything that I want at any time!

Living a creative life is a very wonderful thing!
Anyone who desires to can live creatively.

Today I am mainly taking photos to prepare listings. Creatively I will be finishing the paper patch-worked back of one of my mixed media wall art pieces. I always am driven to finish my backs in creative and interesting ways.
Here are some past painted and collaged art backs designs.
Creative painted finish to the back of a painting by Artsy Craftery Studio
City scene with moon at night creative finish to painting back by Artsy Craftery Studio
This mixed media wall art is finished with a collage back by Artsy Craftery Studio
Hot buildings painted in red, orange and yellow, creative back finish to a mixed media painting by Artsy Craftery Studio.
Brown houses painted in watercolor on the back of mixed media artwork by Artsy Craftery Studio.
 What are you creating today?

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