Friday, December 14, 2018

HAPPY CREATIVE FRIDAY: What Do I Do With Discontinued Tags Designs?


Going to photo and list at least the 2nd of my 7 tags packs. The first one sold, which was a 50-tag pk. The others have lots of tags, but I only had one 50-pk.
~ SOLD ~ 50 Premium Tags Pack
The history of these tag packs is that I decided to discontinue some of my tags designs. Since I had some small 4-8 piece pks that had not sold, I got an idea. I decided to combine the sets into larger packs, giving my customers more value.
Premium Handmade Tags By Artsy Craftery Studio

I grouped all of the tags into pks coordinated into warm and cool color themes. The one 50-tag pk was so large because there were quite a few tags in the red/pink family, as you can see in these pics. I could have divided it into 2 pks, but I liked it how it was. It went to a happy customer in PA.
Four Feelings & Thank You Tags By Artsy Craftery Studio

Stamped & Die Cut Exquisite Little Tags By Artsy Craftery Studio
So my other packs are exciting combinations of my premium tags made with a variety of media and creative techniques. I feel excited about photographing them and getting them ready to list!

What are you working on today and what is your weather like? It is rainy and gray here in northeast FL. 


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