Wednesday, October 3, 2018

SHIPPING: No First Class Stamp Shipping At Paypal

Someone asked in a forum if First Class stamp-type postage labels could be bought at Paypal.  She said she couldn't get it to work for that anymore.

To my knowledge, PP no longer offers First Class stamps-type shipping. I use PP exclusively, and I always have to choose First Class Mail Parcel Service as the cheapest method of shipping, usually from $2.66. Media Mail also can be chosen and others, as you know.

I was not printing PP labels when First Class stamps-type postage was being offered at this payment processing site. 

She also asked if the payment for the postage had to be done at Paypal. I am not sure what she meant by that question, but I have always paid from my PP acct. Don’t know any other way I could buy the labels there, except via my PP Wallet connections.

If you want the link to create labels without accessing an order, here it is:

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