Monday, September 24, 2018


So happy Autumn is here!
It's Autumn, that most glorious time of year!
Fall is my favorite season!
Welcoming fall with a showcase of these cheerful Autumn banners from Freepix, a website where you can get free vectors, photos and PSD downloads!
I love fall, most of all!
It seems that you have to give credit or attribution for whatever you use. I find this to be a headache, because there are many instances when it doesn't seem easy to share attribution anywhere that I am using a graphic. I usually try to find a suitable graphic at Pixabay, and sometimes Pexels, where no attribution is required. Pexels has mostly photos, but Pixabay has lots of vectors, illustrations and photos.
No other season like Autumn!

May your handmades fall season start with abundant creativity,
and continue with savvy marketing
and increased sales.

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Fall! Festive, Fabulous, Fantastic!


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