Saturday, July 7, 2018

JEALOUS MEALOUS: Yelli Kelli Hey That's Cute!

Personalized Name Pillow by Yelli Kelli

Kelly Jackson, of Yelli Kelli, does outstanding work that is always a burst of color and joy.  I call it modern-day, rustic crewel design. Of her work, which she has been doing for 25+ yrs, she says, It is a close cousin to crewel, but looser, and more freeform and silly. My style is fun, splashy, cute & original. And she is RIGHT!
Yelli Kelli Peacock Embroidered Pillow
Years ago she started designing freehand embroidered pillows using her favorite fiber, vintage wool yarn. This has become her specialty. In fact, she is the Designer of the Original Freehand Embroidered Bohemian Name Pillow! She also creates custom art for casual living, and funky, fun clothing for children and women, including plus sizes.
Girl's Rustic Pumpkin Hand Painted Tunic by Yelli Kelli

Her main Etsy shop can be found at Yelli Kelli.
Her new plus size ladies clothing shop is

Yelli Kelli's Abstract Wildflowers In Crystal Vase

Kelly has another activity as well. She is the creator & owner of Diva Do's, an all girl art & crafting class where she teaches kindergartners up to middle school. They are currently in their 14th year!
Peacock Feather Hand Painted Bookmark by Yelli Kelli

You can connect with Kelly here by searching these usernames:
  • On Facebook: YelliKelli
  • Instagram: YelliKelliCute
  • Twitter: YelliKelli

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