Monday, July 9, 2018

Business: Fewer Handmades Listing Places?

Today I emailed with Michelle S. at Scott's Marketplace. I was confirming whether or not they still offer free shops, which they do not. They now have 2 subscriptions from which to choose. My response was,

I removed Scott's from my upcoming list of Free Places To List Your Creative Products #2. I only write about free listing sites. Unlike resellers and thrift sellers, most handmades sellers and makers are low-volume and cannot afford subscriptions. They do have the potential to bring in a lot of revenue though.

Seems like many venues are editing out handmades sellers, or making it difficult for them to be prominent anyway. Storenvy used to have a handmades category displayed in the front page navigation bar. When they did a revamp of the site that was gone. They don't have subscriptions, but the site is overrun with what appears to be reseller merchandise. Artfire is still handmades-dedicated but no longer offers free shops. Their subscriptions are also quite steep for many makers.

Handmades sites have come and gone, closing because of poor planning, and/or lack of operational funds or unforeseen circumstances. Some of them include Fervous, Silk Road, GoodSmiths, WinkElf, Artifyy and Addoway. It appears that places for the average handmades seller to list are shrinking. It's more important than ever for those wishing to remain in the game to develop alternative selling places.  

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