Wednesday, May 2, 2018

NEWS: Amazon's Most Entrepreneurial States

Ina Steiner at eCommerceBytes said that Amazon published a list of 10 states that are tops in entrepreneurial activity: Utah, California, New York, Colorado, New Jersey, Washington, Florida, Delaware, Massachusetts, and Oregon. Not sure what the exact criteria was, but some are a surprise. Dayton Daily News said Amazon snubbed Ohio.

I see that Business Wire said the Amazon list was based on small to medium-sized businesses that use Amazon's platform to grow. Since very few handmades sellers use Amazon to sell, the list does not reflect the numbers of these creatives. I'd like to get access to some real handmades figures. I need to see what Timothy Adam at Handmadeology has to share about handmade crafters statistics.

Handmades sellers get lost in the push of start-ups and small businesses that the media usually covers. We still fall under the cottage industry category (not a bad thing) because we don't generate high-volume sales nor employ permanent workers.

As I visit social media platforms, forums and creative groups online, I see the most general activity from crafters and artists living in the mid-western and northeastern states, except for Iowa, Pennsylvania and Virginia. I see less activity from the south and the southwest. The states on the list that surprised me the most were Utah, Washington and Delaware. I think that California and New York made the list because of state size and the number of people per square mile.

I'd like to see more handmades activity in the forums and groups from creatives in New Mexico, North and South Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio, Alabama, Mississippi and even Georgia. Rarely see any activity from the Dakotas, Wyoming, Arkansas and Nebraska. I think a lot of crafters are busy with a strong online presence in Massachusetts, Florida and Michigan. I see that Florida and Massachusetts made Ina's list.

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