Tuesday, April 17, 2018

WRITING: Free Verse Notes On Poem A Yellow Downfall In Winter

Usually, I let my poetry flow and create itself, and it will usually be free verse. But sometimes, like with this poem, I add a few rhyming lines.

Notice the 4-6th lines in the 8-line stanza. They rhyme, but it's still free verse. They add a nice little cohesive interruption in this short poem.

How did I create those rhyming lines? The same way in which I created the entire poem, by thinking about what I thought. By delving deeply into my feelings about my love of winter, my desire for snow, and how the falling yellow leaves helped to replace that lack. I was able to happily experience the falling of flakes, though they were not white. I was grateful, anyway.

I let my poetry flow and create itself.

A Yellow Downfall In Winter

Yellow flakes drift, shift and flip downwards,
What are they,
But flakes of snow in a snow-less place.
For me anyway,
These leaves my longings allay,
For I can truly say,
That I enjoyed,
A downfall in winter.

"What are they, But flakes of snow in a snow-less place."

I don't identify and write formal poetry styles very much. I do use the words haiku, senryu and free verse, because their formats are easy to understand and practice.

Creative Selling Ideas at TCS: 

  1. Cover a wall art-sized piece of cardboard with paper. If patterned, paint over with solid paint, covering completely or randomly, as with altered art. Hand-letter or ransom-note journal your poem on it. Embellish and decorate with various elements, creating mixed media artwork featuring your poem. Add string or wire threaded through the top, or to the back, for hanging. A nice gift to self, or another.

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