Wednesday, April 18, 2018

What Are Your Signature Colors?

Do you have a signature color(s)? It is the color that you've always loved, even from childhood. It is the color that makes you happy and makes you feel alive. It's the color that you gravitate to when making purchases.
All Occasion Handmade Pink And Green Note Cards

I have a pair of signature colors: chartreuse green and fuchsia. It also includes all yellow-greens from olive to lime green and all red-violets from plum to hot pink. These images are some examples.

My crafting and personal life are centered around these color schemes, with some deviation because I love colors in general. I have a Pinterest board titled Color Galaxy.

Stop, Smell The Flowers Mixed Media Collage Handmade Wall Art
My neutrals are white and silver. I am a winter person who is most happy with bright, clear, cool colors. On some personality color palettes some of my yellow-greens are shown in the spring palette. 

Most pastels and muddy, muted colors drive me batty. My Sand Dollar Tags below make me happy because, while the colors are not deep shades, they also are not washed-out pastels, but are bright raspberry and lime tones.

Sand Dollar Tags 16-Tag Pack

Making products in your fav colors for your shop can give your online store a cohesive look. I can't always show my color scheme on my shop homepage though. Because I do work with a huge range of colors, the best that I can do is to show my signature colors in the featured products banners or widgets. Otherwise, these signature color scheme products are scattered throughout my shop.

I wrote an article on signature colors some time ago. I plan to make it into an e-book once I flesh it out more.

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