Monday, April 23, 2018

SOCIAL MEDIA: Pinterest Enforces Sharing Complaints

I LOVE Pinterest. I need a t-shirt that says the same. I can see why some crafters and artists are angry about losing revenue because of shared and pirated images. Pinterest has received a lot of negative press because it is a platform where anyone can pin anything. Pinterest is like the poster child of shared images infringement. Some who would like to reverse what can't be changed in the way of our society's explosive social media sharing want to make Pinterest an example.

The Web is so big and there are so many users, that copyright and intellectual property infringement can't be stopped, or even policed by the average person. I'm not defending Pinterest, because anywhere that images can be shared, public and private, is a place where infringement can be done. Pinterest is a very popular, central location where incensed web users can focus their attack regarding their unauthorized shared content.

A lot of people use the internet now who don't understand netiquette, infringement, etc. They don't purpose to offend or steal. One good thing is that Pinterest has a very good trademark rights policy and is good at responding to complaints of infringement. They take those images down and alert all re-pinners. I believe there was a concerted effort to shut Pinterest down. I can see why it did not work because to be fair the World Wide Web, the Intranet, the deep web and others would need to be shut down. That is not possible for a number of reasons.

If I run across theft or infringement of my work online, I do address it. However, everyday I have to turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to what could be going on behind my back with regards to my content. If I didn't I'd remove my Web presence completely (or as best I could) and go offline permanently. I like internet marketing and sharing too much to do that, at this time anyway.

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