Saturday, April 14, 2018

BUSINESS: Watermarking Images Can Deter Theft

Using stolen product images in listings is a rampant practice. Have you considered using watermarks?

There are different types of watermarks that can be used, some more obvious than others.

The least effective are the ones placed in a corner of the image. They are easy for offenders to crop out. They would then fill in the space with surrounding color.

 Have you considered using watermarks?

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The faint or transparent ones placed across the product are the best. They are the hardest for thieves to edit it out.

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There are different types of watermarks that can be used

The purpose of the watermarks is to deter theft.

The purpose of the watermarks is to draw attention to the fact that the person or shop that is selling the product is not the owner of the product and image, and most likely does not have permission to offer it.

The alert works best when the visitor knows the crafter or artist of the product in the image. I recognized several digital paper packs in a shop not known to me. I contacted the owner and asked if they had permission to sell them. They replied that they had permission. Somehow, I was not convinced, especially since they did not elaborate about the permission.

I contacted the 3 sellers of whom I was familiar and found that they had not licensed their products to be sold by this person. They pursued it and the shop was closed by the venue. There were many, many more brands in this shop than the 3 that I recognized. There were like over 500 products from many designers. I thought it was a digital clearing house at which the designers were members. I am glad that I pursued what seemed to me to be a fishy situation.

Note: some selling venues don't allow watermarks. I've also heard that Google Shopping does not accept images that are watermarked.

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