Thursday, April 12, 2018

BUSINESS: Including Shop Info Can Attract Customers

Fleshing out your seller profile and shop policies can keep visitors in your shop for a longer period.

Found a lovely snippet roll at Pinterest and followed the link to the crafter's blog. After reading her tutorial, I went to her Etsy shop. I was disappointed that though she had been on Etsy since 2015, she had not completed her shop pages, profile info or anything like that. Because of this, I was discouraged from faving her shop, and I didn't.

Many of you know how big I am on completing all of the info in the shop profile and policies. You ask Why does it matter? I still make sales. But what if you could make more sales by being diligent in sharing about yourself? What if more visitors shared your shop because it was completed on all pages?

When a seller does not fill out his/her shop info, it can send a negative message. Whether it is true or not, it can appear that the seller only wants to push and sell products, but cares very little about potential customer interaction.

Sometimes a person does not know how to complete those pages, you say. Well, if the person knows how to create a product listing, she can fill out her shop pages. Maybe he doesn't know where they are, you venture. Well, if he can find the product listing page, he can find the shop policies and profile pages. No one reads that stuff, you insist. Well, I do. I am very interested in a seller's story, philosophy, history and anything else that tells me who the creative person is and what drives him. The addition of shop policies, as well, adds professionalism to an online store. They provide important info, preventing the visitor from having to contact the seller about simple shop operation.

If I am turned off by a seller's omission of profile and shop info, then some others are too. That is why I talk about this often, to help those sellers who persist in believing that this form of marketing does not matter. The truth is that fleshing out your seller profile and shop policies can keep certain types of visitors in your shop for a longer period. If they stay longer they may buy.

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