Monday, April 16, 2018

BUSINESS: Website Resource is a website not only for those involved in the festival circuit, but for promoters and any creative person. The site is crammed with resources and includes a marketplace, gallery, community forums, videos and more. Sellers can open shops, with memberships starting at a free basic model. This site is also a great resource for locating festivals in which you might want to participate.

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Artsy Craftery Design Studio said...

As a handmades seller, I left FestivalNet because too much personal info was displayed throughout their pages. At other selling venues, I am not required to share extensive info with the public. At FN, I saw my full name, full address and other info on display. While there is a feature where some of the info-sharing can be disabled, I was still not comfortable. There were at least 3 locations on the site where info was shown, and it was not that easy for me as a seller to access these pages. It would be easy, however, for any visitor to stumble upon the pages. It was confusing at times. It was shock, really, to stumble upon my full info being displayed.

Also, I chose a free account to start and was only given 5 listings. In the end, it was not worth disabling some sharing and taking the chance that more than I wanted would be shared somewhere on the site, all for 5 listings.

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