Monday, April 23, 2018

BUSINESS: Crafters And Social Media Effectiveness

For those of you who have used social media heavily over the years, has it paid off for you?

Do the majority of your sales come through social media, or do you get lots of views but no sales?

Are you going to step up your social media activity, or reduce it?

Have you tried any social media ads or other paid promotion?

Here's a great article titled

Social Media Marketing Simplified for Your Craft Business

I'm already in the process of doing some of the suggestions, especially focusing on one platform and learning to use it well. It seems to me that in order to do a great job of using social media so that it pays off in sales (and I'm not talking about just posting a product link every time we list and getting an occasional sale through it) a person has to spend a large amount of time with social media each day.

Some who write articles about their huge success do just that. It takes a lot of time and effort, as well as money spent for tools and apps to help manage time, posts, or hiring someone to promote etc., to make social media activity pay off. Well, as a person who needs to spend most of my time creating, photographing and listing, I'll never be able to do that. I can't afford to spend money for social media aids or hire someone to do social media marketing for me, because I don't have the budget for that. Social media is important, but only if it's possible to use it so that it pays off. Otherwise, it's just wasted time, dashed hopes and continual disappointments.

I like Pinterest and plan to slowly learn more about using it. One way that many make it pay off is by designing and creating certain types of pins. Well I don't yet have time to do that. I just pin and re-pin a lot. Many bloggers who are successful at using Pinterest design their blog photos a certain way, so that when they pin their blog posts to Pinterest they attract more attention and visits. I barely have time to create my occasional basic blog posts, much less edit and design my images in special formats.

So maximizing the usefulness of a social media platform is the goal, and I'll never be able to juggle all of the social media sites in this way. It's best to narrow it down to where I like to be and am most anxious to return to.

In discussing social media sites with other crafters I rarely hear anyone mention any other than the big 4, FB, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. Here's a list of many that are not well known:

60+ Social Networking Sites You Need to Know About in 2018  

This list features graphic comparisons on the size of 15 social media sites. I'm sorry to see that Facebook has the largest share of use:

Top 15 Most Popular Social Networking Sites and Apps [April 2018]

Just because a site is popular in some ways doesn't mean that it's good for the average crafter though. Facebook recently made some decision that seem to jeopardize the usefulness of the very feature it created to help sellers, the business pages: Facebook Pages End of Days??

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