Sunday, March 11, 2018

JEALOUS MEALOUS: Make A Mum By Bobbie Ashley

3 Fuchsia, Bridal Shower Corsage, Bridal shower favors, Hand-dyed Corsage,wedding,GLASS PEARLS ,fUSC/tRIO/pEARL/btb.motg,motb
Unique, hand-dyed event mum pins by Bobbie Ashley:
Some people just come up with the greatest ideas! Like the "hand-dyed" to your color scheme silk flower mums made by Bobbie Ashley. 

Hand-dyed YELLOW baby shower favors, Baby Shower Corsage, Mommy To be Pin, GLASS PEARLS, Grandma To Be,yELLOW/pEARL gTB
Hand-dyed event mum wrist corsages by Bobbie Ashley:

When I visited her Etsy shop, from one of her forum comments, and ran across these pretty event embellishments, I had to stop immediately and share.

Bobbie Ashley's Make-A-Mum shop:

Her silk, mum flower lapel pins and wrist corsages are beautifully colored and elegantly made, and she offers customization to your needs. Some are two-toned, and as you can see she makes them in a variety of bright and muted colors. I love the simplicity of her designs.

Bobbie Ashley's Make-A-Mum shop:
Bobbie has created an attractive product that is useful to potential customers, and that fills a niche in the event industry. Easy to make, from what I imagine, and easy to ship. I like too that her shop is dedicated to this brand. It gives her Make A Mum online store a lovely cohesiveness.

Visit Bobbie's Make A Mum shop at Etsy.

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