Wednesday, December 13, 2017

BUSINESS: More Buy Now Paypal Buttons & Business Accts

Additional Buy Now Paypal buttons a great asset.

Visited Paypal Buy Now buttons creation page, after a long absence, and was surprised to find buttons that I don't remember. Now available are:
  • Add To Cart (may have been available before)- to sell multiple items with one payment button
  • Subscribe- to set up same-amount recurring charges for goods/services
  • Installment Plan- where customers can make payments for up to a year
  • Automatic Billing- to bill customers monthly for goods and services that change in price
I am so excited to be a long-standing member at Paypal. They regularly develop new products to help merchants, they are easy to work with and always have our best interests at heart.

I know that some sellers despise Paypal, maybe because they have had bad experiences with the payment processor company. I am grateful to say that I've never had a problem, from the day that I opened my account. Whenever I have moved, they have strived to verify my identity in order to keep my account secure. While it may have taken a little extra time to do this, I have always been thankful that they have worked so hard to protect me.

In case you don't know, I just found out too that the Premier acct, that I've had for years, no longer exists. It was merged into the Personal acct. Seems like this was done as early as 2014. Nothing has changed for me, but if I want my business name to be seen, rather than my personal name, I need to upgrade to a Business acct. I've read that a phone# has to be provided for customers, and that the company name has to match the bank account name. Supposedly, you can sign up or convert to the Business acct as an individual by completing the info for the individual route to the Business acct. I'm still on the fence as to whether I need to apply the upgrade.

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