Friday, December 29, 2017

MARKETING: Easy Promoting In Etsy Promo Thread

Posted my first listing in the Etsy promo forum today. No special characters or coding needed for image to show. Just post the http:// link to the listing page and the pic shows with the title, price, shop name and this is great, the favorite button!

It's in the Wall Hanging Gifts thread, "I May Stumble I May Even Fall But I Always Get Up" Small Motivational Wall Art, Handmade Beaded Hanging Decor.

At some venues it's time-consuming to promote like this, because of the steps it takes to have an image show. I don't think that promo posts without an image get much play. Many visitors are pressed for time and want to see the product in the thread before they decide to visit the link.

Thursday, December 21, 2017

MARKETING: Saving Time In Repeat Marketing

In Small Business Trends' article, How to Automate Your Small Business Marketing with These 4 Approaches, they discuss automatic email marketing "to begin a campaign or follow up on the actions of prospects and customers". As they note about this affordable way to market products and services, if it is done incorrectly they are rarely read.

I think that the best email marketing tool is a newsletter. Potential customers and others can sign up for it, i.e., it's voluntary, versus sending out marketing emails to every email address that you've ever run across. The latter can be annoying and perceived as spamming. Ultimately, it is useless, a waste of time and effort.

Source: Small Business Trends

Thursday, December 14, 2017

BUSINESS: New Etsy Shop Positive Words Artwork

Positive Words Artwork shop at Etsy

I recently opened at Etsy after sitting on my membership for years. I don't have any illusions about getting-rich-quick there. Been monitoring the changes and problems for years. Just something I decided to do to challenge myself, because the increasing problems there always repelled me when I considered opening.

Have A Nice Day Mixed Media Wall Art from Positive Words Artwork
My shop is PositiveWordsArtwork. It is a place where all things are motivational, inspirational, uplifting, encouraging and self-esteem building. It is a happy place, no matter what challenges may be happening in our lives, or out in the world.

Happy Pillow Boxes Set From Positive Words Artwork
I create my products in my pet-free/smoke-free home studio, and shipment is in 2-3 days.

A look at a corner of the workshop of Artsy Craftery Studio

Papercrafting in progress using reused book text

Paper Quilting and Vintage Papercrafts books and supplies in workshop of Artsy Craftery Studio

Eyeglass chain beaded craft project in progress at Artsy Craftery Studio

Craft supplies at Artsy Craftery Studio

Papercraft project at Artsy Craftery Studio

I do love the Lord, so some products feature scriptures and other Christian sentiments, but not all. If you are not a person who lives by faith, I still have many products that you would like.

Faith Fish Design Keychain at Positive Words Artwork

Proverbs Christian Scripture reference on mixed media artwork at Positive Words Artwork
So much has changed at Etsy with the algorithms for search, which have made being found so difficult now for true handmades sellers. The sellers who are allowed to consistently use additional makers for their shops are such an unfair challenge for single-maker, handmades shops.

Positive Thinker Tiny Words Motivator pocket card ornament from Positive Words Artwork
Positive Thinker Tiny Words Motivator pocket card ornament from Positive Words Artwork
I read at eCommerceBytes today that Etsy's CEO, "Silverman said Etsy does boost new shops and new listings in relevant search for a very brief time to give them a chance to be seen." This was in response to sellers' questions about giving new shops an unfair advantage.

He stated that after the initial boost, the new shops' listings fall back into rank with established sellers. Maybe I've gotten a little newbie boost to help POSITIVE WORDS ARTWORK become more visible. I'll take what I can get and be grateful for it!

I Don't Look Backwards handmade bookmark with bird design at Positive Words Artwork

I Don't Look Backwards handmade bookmark with bird design at Positive Words Artwork

I Don't Look Backwards handmade bookmark with bird design at Positive Words Artwork

What helped me to decide to take this plunge is that I finally developed a brand that I feel is specific enough to hold its own among all of the competition there, but which is flexible enough for me to add a wide variety of new products. This is important because I am a prolific creator who uses a myriad of media and techniques to create crafted items, artwork, digital and graphics, published products, and creative services.

To be successful at Etsy today, I believe you have to focus on creating for a niche market by developing a specialized brand, but one that is also expandable. Being able to diversify is crucial to obtaining an edge anywhere in the increasingly, fiercely competitive handmades market.

Have A Nice Day small mixed media hanging artwork at Positive Words Artwork
I want you to be happy with your experience at POSITIVE WORDS ARTWORK, so satisfaction is guaranteed. Support handmades sellers like me. BUY HANDMADE first, before you buy anything else. The creation and making of my products reflects the right of every capable, skilled, independent creative to generate income. We do this by creating products that are decorative and/or useful, and that make people happy.
Stop Smell The Flowers mixed media wall art at Positive Words Artwork

PWA is closed New Years’ Eve & Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Eve & Day and Christmas Eve & Day. Orders will be processed the next open day. 

Men Have Feelings Too mixed media wall art at Positive Words Artwork

For taking the time to read my GRAND OPENING POST please accept this special coupon code for 25% off of 28 select products in my new shop, or whichever of them are still available when you order.

This introductory coupon is good until 12/13/18, next year, and there is no minimum or maximum.

It is only for you and not transferable, so thank you for not sharing it.

Use this link: , or the exact code GO1217INTRO when ordering.   

Write me a note when you order, in the msg to the seller space,
that you found me at The Creative Seller.

Thank you for visiting POSITIVE WORDS ARTWORK. Please come again and STAY POSITIVE! A good life depends on it!

Artsy Craftery Studio

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

BUSINESS: More Buy Now Paypal Buttons & Business Accts

Additional Buy Now Paypal buttons a great asset.

Visited Paypal Buy Now buttons creation page, after a long absence, and was surprised to find buttons that I don't remember. Now available are:
  • Add To Cart (may have been available before)- to sell multiple items with one payment button
  • Subscribe- to set up same-amount recurring charges for goods/services
  • Installment Plan- where customers can make payments for up to a year
  • Automatic Billing- to bill customers monthly for goods and services that change in price
I am so excited to be a long-standing member at Paypal. They regularly develop new products to help merchants, they are easy to work with and always have our best interests at heart.

I know that some sellers despise Paypal, maybe because they have had bad experiences with the payment processor company. I am grateful to say that I've never had a problem, from the day that I opened my account. Whenever I have moved, they have strived to verify my identity in order to keep my account secure. While it may have taken a little extra time to do this, I have always been thankful that they have worked so hard to protect me.

In case you don't know, I just found out too that the Premier acct, that I've had for years, no longer exists. It was merged into the Personal acct. Seems like this was done as early as 2014. Nothing has changed for me, but if I want my business name to be seen, rather than my personal name, I need to upgrade to a Business acct. I've read that a phone# has to be provided for customers, and that the company name has to match the bank account name. Supposedly, you can sign up or convert to the Business acct as an individual by completing the info for the individual route to the Business acct. I'm still on the fence as to whether I need to apply the upgrade.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

BOOKS: Bracelets, Paper Quilting & Papercrafting

Three books have been added to the books referral page, Artful Handmade Wrap Bracelets, Paper Quilting and Papercrafts and Origami. Read short overviews and click to see where each can be purchased.

Friday, December 8, 2017

MARKETING: VistaPrint More Than Business Cards

I was surprised to find that VistaPrint is now offering a website builder, social media marketing, business listings on Google and 100+ search engines and email marketing, all for various affordable monthly fees. They currently are running free trials and introductory sale prices on all. The downside is that to cancel any of these services before your 1-month trial period ends, you have to call their toll-free 1-866-811-1674 #. I like to be able to go online, cancel services and be done with it.

VistaPrint is well-known for business cards. They currently are offering 100 single-sided business cards, in 42 designs, for $1.99, a special they are calling VPDeals. They offer upgraded stock, but basic glossy or matte is included. They show the regular price to be $8.00. Economy, 8-day shipping is $4.99.

Wow, VistaPrint has come a long way in offering business services!

Friday, December 1, 2017

MARKETING: Making Social Media Time Pay Off

I like these suggestions from the Etsy Seller Handbook about making your social media time and effort pay off:

"• Think conversation, not advertising. Create and share a variety of content that reflects your brand and that people are likely to interact with.
Promote your items thoughtfully. When you do share a product, include a story, interesting details, or other engaging information, like how it was created or what makes it special."

It adds more interest when a seller shares more than listings links. It's like engaging and interacting with the readers, which can leave a memorable impression. It's the same with including interesting tidbits when posting product links. It can help cement your brand into the minds of potential customers.

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