Wednesday, November 29, 2017

News: New Face & More At Scott's Marketplace

Scott's Marketplace has new look and more.

Scott's Marketplace, the selling venue with a local focus, has a slick new design, slick new language and slick new subscriptions. I like the new design, because it's crisp and modern. Made It Myself and eCrater should really take notes. I've listed at the former, and am still at the latter. The new language is just ok, that flippant and in-your-face style geared towards an irreverent, youthful audience, maybe 35-. Confident, but somewhat cheeky.  Complete thumbs down on the new subscription tiers though.

As of 7/9/2018, the date of this update, Scott's no longer offers a free membership. They have relegated low-volume handmades sellers and others to The Hobbyist free membership. "Thinking about turning your passion into a career? Try our risk-free plan," they state. Well, there is not a lot of help here with charging sellers, who may need free listings as they build their business, a 10% FVF and only allowing them to list 10 products. The career help is very constricted. As Zibbet admin stated about restructuring their subscription levels, their new free shops 10-product 1-image limit was not made for sellers to stay there, but to try and buy a subscription (paraphrased). When I remember that, I can see why there is very little wiggle room in these types of free shops.   

Anyway, I'm happy for Scott's that they are moving forward, though not in a way that I embrace. It is their site and what they decide will be profitable is boss. Resellers, dropshippers and brand knock-off sellers, if you sell over $1,000 a month, you can join them and subscribe to their highest tier (my tongue in cheek statement, not Scott's). My mouth fell open when I saw the $100 a month fee.  They call it The Boss. Of course, some handmades sellers have boss sales every month that would warrant this type of subscription too! Congrats to them!

On a side note, many Scott's sellers still don't believe in showcasing shop banners? I wrote about that many months ago at my archived blog, Living To Create, No Shop Headers At Scott's Marketplace? :(. I complained how sellers were not given shop headers, but ugly, tiny avatars only. That was when I was considering joining. Very few sellers bothered to even upload an avatar to promote their brand. I found it depressing as I surfed around the site. Well, Michelle T at Scott's responded to my post (you can see in the comments), saying As far as that ugly avatar, that's standard for all the new stores, but will be customized soon! They looked the same to me as I surfed around the new site tonight, 1 1/2 yrs later. I visited 5-8 random sellers I picked from the homepage marketplace, and not one of them had customized avatars. I couldn't even tell if Scott's is offering shop banners now, because the ugly little avatar was smack center at the top of each shop, a tiny circle with a tiny little grayed-out, single-gabled hut inside.

Congrats anyway, Scott's, on your attractive new site! It's really pretty!

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Artsy Craftery Design Studio said...

Scott's Marketplace is now defunct, as of 2018.

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