Wednesday, November 29, 2017

MARKETING: How Many Emails Are Too Many?

As soon as I signed up for the Sew Daily newsletter, I became overwhelmed with daily emails. I really think that I heard from or through them twice on some days. After waiting a few weeks, the proliferation of emails did not let up, so I unsubscribed. I was sent to a page to manage subscriptions, where I saw 3 columns of subjects about which to receive communications. I decided to give the site another chance and unclicked everything, except for 1 subject.

Now more than a month later, though the emails have been reduced quite a bit, I still get a few too many for my taste. I am unsubscribing completely. Maybe my initial experience made such a bad impression that I am loathe to see anything in my inbox from Sew Daily. It is a good possibility that that is the reason I am still unhappy with their communication. It's a great site with a wealth of info and resources, but first impressions linger. While setting my subscription preferences was my responsibility, their default subscription settings should not have flooded me with emails upon my joining the site. Unfortunately, many websites and sellers practice this annoying behavior.

So let that be a lesson to all of us when it comes to email and social media marketing. Flooding visitors with posts and shares and emails has the opposite effect. It not only can drive away any potential sales, but it can drive away potential customers' desires to have anything to do with the offenders. It makes you appear to always be self-serving, thoughtless and inconsiderate. I felt like I was drowning in Sew Daily emails and could not catch my breath!

So how many marketing emails, social media posts and shares, on a given day or in a given week, are too many? Well, while there is no perfect, hard and fast rule, judge by your own feelings. Are you an active seller with a strong online presence? Is checking your email and social media accounts 1-3 times daily part of your standard routine? On the other hand, do you allow your email to back up, checking your inbox every other day, or longer? Do you multi-task and wear all of the hats in your business or enterprise? You are then a very, very busy person.

How many communications from the same entity would be annoying and unnecessarily time-consuming for you? What would make you feel that the seller or company was overdoing their marketing and being self-centered and insensitive to you? Let that be your guide and tread carefully as you promote and share.

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