Saturday, October 28, 2017

Poetry Writing: Explaining The Free Verse Nature Poem "Be Renewed"

Be Renewed

Look upon nature and receive hope,
For she reminds us
Of the chance for new growth,
Where before
There was nothing.
Look. Drink in.
Be refreshed. Be renewed,
And grow.

You can write a free verse poem by simply writing out a thought, as I did here. It doesn't have to be any certain length. It's not long, or short. It's just a thought in time. Arrange the words in the sentences just as you thought of them. Make the length of each sentence like we all think. We usually think in short, disjointed, choppy sentences. We don't think in perfect English, even if we know it.

You should, however, always check your poems for basic spelling errors, or have someone do it for you. You can also paste your poem into a free online grammar checker or writing enhancer, like, which will identify your spelling errors.

Photography: ©Artsy Craftery Studio
Poem "Be Renewed" ©SJHolland


footstepofgrace said...

Good job. Grammar and other English problem I have due to damaged brain. This helps software helps. Thanks.

Artsy Craftery Design Studio said...

Hey Feon! Despite your challenges you do a great job in writing your poetry, so Good Job to you too! God has richly blessed you with your talent. I have my own challenges as well. The good thing is that if we continue to put our work out there, it will always bless someone. I use free version. You can paste some content into it and it will show you some corrections that need to be made. And I try to always have spellcheck on where ever I'm working. Thanks for commenting!

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