Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Income Streams: Font Designing

For font designers, as with other independent creatives today, the key is to find creative ways to generate income through the things that we love doing. I find this article on How To Make Money, from the Guidebook at, to be very progressive.

Below is an excerpt that can help you question if you really want to make money through whatever you do. You either do, or you don't. If you do, then you're willing to do whatever it takes, even if it's altering your whole way of thinking about what it takes to live. Of course, the needs would be expanded if you have a family or dependent(s) to support, as well as huge debt that must be paid off quickly. The idea, however, could still be tailored to those circumstances.

"to earn a living and not starve, you don't need very much money. ,000 USD is enough incentive to do a lot of jobs a lot tougher than font development. So a basic strategy might be to concentrate on earning a base level of money to survive, which isn't that much, and then on wealth creation.

This is indeed the model many creatives follow. It is not the mainstream approach in present societies, in which the creation of financial wealth is the predominant pursuit."
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