Wednesday, April 26, 2017

CRAFTING: Quick Tut Bead Bowl

Easy Beading Bowl

A cushioned bead bowl to use along with your bead boards.

Supplies/Tools Needed:

  • Clear, plastic, bowl-shaped lid from cut fruit produce or a similar plastic container
  • Piece of foam or felt the size of the lid
  • Craft tacky glue or any glue that will bond plastic and foam/felt
  • Scissor 

I salvaged the clear, plastic lid from an empty apple pie container.

The square, flat foam piece probably was part of the packing for something I bought. I had salvaged it for later use.

Turned the cleaned lid upside down.

Apply a glue line around the inside of the bottom, in a place that will easily come in contact with the foam. So, don't apply it in a well, indention, ditch or depressed channel in the plastic. It will be hard to cause the foam to make contact with it, and to keep it pressed down into the glue until it is dry. I chose a raised ring in the bottom of the upturned.

Center the foam/felt and press it into the bowl onto the ring of glue. I turned it right side up so you could see how easily my foam piece presses into the glue ring.

Weigh your foam/felt down with a bowl, saucer or small book overnight, or at least for several hours. You can see the corners of my foam square sticking up beyond the edge of my bowl.

When it was dry I snipped them off with the scissor.

And that's it! Enjoy using your simple, little, lightweight bead bowl. I love mine!


Michelle said...

That is an excellent idea! Some days it seems like having just one more tray would be fabulous. Thank you for linking up!

Artsy Craftery Design Studio said...

Yep, it really is an excellent idea! I actually found myself carrying around quick beads and findings combos that I threw together. Then I thought, "Why not put a piece of felt or foam inside to keep them stable, like on a bead board. I love them. The supermarket pie container lid is the perfect size!

I also had been combining bead themes in smaller lids, like Pringle's, cake icing lids and others. Going to fit some of those with felt and also put together some of the smaller ones into one of the pie lids, for a nifty divided bowl. I'll get around to making my quick tut for those too! Thanks for visiting, Michelle!

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