Tuesday, December 13, 2016

SMART BUSINESS MOVE: Switch To An Online Calendar

I have started using an online calendar, versus the desktop Vue-minder Light, and others that I have tried. I use Outlook online for my mail (along with Mozilla's Thunderbird desktop), so it's convenient to use Microsoft's calendar. From one window, I can switch back and forth between mail, calendar, and the browser applications, Word, Power Point, Docs, etc.

I was reluctant to do this because of privacy concerns, but there is a checkbox where entries can be made private. It is under the start and end times, besides the checkbox for if you want to make the entry All Day or not.

It's more time saving to use an online calendar. I have access to it at both of my computers, and anywhere else where I can sign in to my account.

A smart business move happens when you know you need to make a change, you cut the procrastination, swiftly do your research, and instigate the change, ASAP!
The Creative Seller

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