Thursday, December 15, 2016


Like everyone else, I used to drip my coffee and leave the pot sitting on the hotplate all morning. I would pour from this pot throughout the day, drinking the rapidly darkening and burned-smelling liquid.  I'd always noticed that the brew seemed to become more bitter or strong as I neared pouring the last cup. Though this annoyed me, adding more cream and sugar made it better. I was a coffeehead, and thought this was the way it had to be done. I was going to drink coffee, no matter what.

After I joined, I received a free, black plastic carafe from the Gevalia monthly coffee club, and promptly stored it in the cabinet. I was not going to take time to pour my coffee into it. Anyway, I liked my coffee hot, not lukewarm like I thought the carafe would keep it.

One day, I decided to pour my coffee into it. Afterall, I'd gotten coffee from vacuum pots at cafes, and it came out steaming. I think also that on that day, I wanted to take a batch of my coffee with me to another room. Well, my pot was not a vacuum pot, but I was surprised at how long the brew stayed hot! It tasted almost freshly-brewed. It was still thin and translucent, not dark and thick-tasting as when it was left on the hotplate. 

That day I poured to my heart's new content, and only had to reheat the last cup in the microwave. One day, I left some coffee in the carafe overnight. Well, the next morning the coffee was warm, not lukewarm! So I became sold on decanting fresh-brewed coffee. I have since broken my precious Gevalia pot, finding out that it was glass inside when I dropped it. Unfortunately, have not been able to find another like it. The double-wall aluminum pot, that I ordered from Amazon, with the temperature needle in the cap does not keep my coffee hot for even 2 hours, a far cry from what my beloved Gevalia carafe did.
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