Sunday, December 4, 2016

CRAFTING: How To Straighten & Store Rattail Cord

I bought some rattail cords from a seller on eBay. The seller sent them loose, but folded into large loops and secured in the center. When I unfolded it, it was creased and wrinkled, and did not hang straight at all. I thought Oh boy! I'm going to have to stream this!

I thought about wrapping them around cardboard pieces, but realized that it would crease them even more. Then I came up with the idea of wrapping them around toilet tissue or paper towel rolls. It will take longer than steaming to straighten them, but that is ok. It will be awhile until I will be needing them.

I like the smoothness and shimmer of rattail. I will be using the gray and green for necklaces. The cream had more gold in it than I expected, and the metallic is a tinsel that feels somewhat scratchy in places. Not good for necklaces as planned. I'll use it for sewing projects, and for ornaments and other hanging projects.

See this Youtube video on how to make the pretty multi-strand necklace cords:

How To Make Organza & Rattail Necklace Cords

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