Thursday, December 29, 2016

CRAFTING: What Does An Effective Video Tutorial Look Like?

Mark Montano has such a colorful studio, where he makes tutorials on quick and easy crafts. I like his music tracks, and the way that he pauses for each step. He clearly indicates what to use and how to do it. It is also easy to understand what he is saying, because he speaks precisely and loudly. He is a professional, so if you want to start creating your own vid tuts, take note on how Mark does it! Subscribe to his YT channel.

Check out this tut for gorgeous southwestern-inspired decor: How to: No-Sew Cactus Pillows. 

I'd love to begin creating vid tuts for some of my fav projects, but really don't see that happening anytime soon. It's like an either-or plan. Do I create less, and produce vid tuts for past projects, or do I forget about vid tuts and continue with current and upcoming projects? Product listings and shop highlights vids can be made in half a day. Tuts can take much longer. The best that I can hope for at this time is an occasional tut. When? Who knows? I'm a creator. I dream all of the time.

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