Tuesday, November 1, 2016

BUSINESS: Free Places To List Your Creative Products #1

Below are short overviews of websites where you can list your creations for free. Though the account and product listings are free, most venues charge a fee when an item sells, usually a small % of the total sale. Some venues are 100% free, and do not charge a fee when a product sells. This is #1 in the TCS
series of free listing venues.


Artifyy...This Site Is Closed
is a comprehensive creatives site where "options include our STORE; where products are sold at a fixed rate, a SERVICE MARKETPLACE; where artists offer individual creative and business services and a JOB BOARD; where consumers can post jobs they need done and talented Artists bid on their jobs!" It is free to join, and you can sell anything that you make (in keeping with their TOS), and any services that you provide. 

It appears that Artifyy is located in Canada (map marker graphic in footer), and was launched in August, 2016. They take credit cards and Paypal. They take 10% on sales, and according to their Q&As the "10% fee goes towards our marketing budget, so we can get your products in front of thousands of consumers every month."  They also hold funds in escrow. Seller withdrawal of funds is through Paypal, and the platform minimum is $50. Not so bad for services and digitals, but if you sell physical products that require shipping, and can foot that bill until your account reaches $50, it may be a great place for you to sell too! I did not see forums or a community, but they have pages at G+, Facebook and Twitter.

Artifyy.com Q&As 


Fervous...This Site Is Closed
has no listing or monthly fees, and charges a FVF of 5%, for handmades, vintage and crafting supplies. The site uses Stripe payment processor only, which charges fees that are comparable to other payment sites. Fervous has a blog called On The Spectrum, and the rapidly-disappearing-from-other-venues onsite forums. No logging in to another site to hobnob! I like Fervous' format, which is clean and neat! The site is beautiful and the shops are easy to navigate.

Fervous.com Q&As


GLC Craft Mall... 
has been around since November 2004, and is located in Delta, B.C. which is approximately 20 miles South of Vancouver, B.C. and 20 miles North of Blaine Washington. This venue is for crafters, artists, artisans and designers.

GLC Craft Mall uses Paypal for order processing, and there are no setup fees, no commissions, no contracts. There is a 30-day free trial for all upgraded plans. Sellers are required to list 6 items, with images and full product descriptions, within 48 hrs of opening a shop. There is a 7-day deadline for shop deactivation, and a 30-day deadline for shop deletion. I wish more venues would adopt this policy. There is no community at this venue, but there is a Facebook page.

The product listing interface, while extensive and complete, can be somewhat intimidating to some sellers. Also, adding images requires a little more time and patience. They are uploaded and stored in your on sight image library, where you can create folders for organization. It is from there that you select images for your listings. GLC Craft Mall has some great marketing and promotion features built into the product listing interface. When you learn to fill it out completely, it will help maximize your SEO.  

***Sellers Please Note: The search function at GLC Craft Mall does not seem to be always accurate, which is frustrating. Part of the problem could be that some unscrupulous sellers could be improperly cross-listing in order to spam visitors. Another reason could be because of a small data-base of sellers on the site, which causes fill-in products to load when the few that the visitor searched have loaded.

GLCCraftMall.com Q&As, Terms & Conditions


is located in Washington state, and offers 100% fee-free shops and unlimited listings for handmades, re-supplies, and creative services. They say, "Sell as many products as you want. Keep all the money. That's it. No catch." Paypal is the money processor, and your products are shared on the site homepage in the marketplace. There are no public or private stats and no on-site community. On the marketplace page at the bottom, the recently updated shops thumbnails have a fun feature. Mouse over a shop to see the main image slide down. 

ShopHandmade.com Store Policy, FAQs & Update


Vangoe... This Site Is Closed
is an auction option listing site that refers to itself as "the ebay alternative". Be sure to see the ***Sellers Note at the end.  Vangoe: the art of online selling, is not a site dedicated to handmades, but has extensive categories for handmades, and is open to all products, even cars and trucks. They claim to feature a fair feedback system, free re-listing of up to 52 items (above that there must be a fee to relist), and a whopping 14 payment methods. One video can be added to each listing, and they host digital downloads.

Click the BUY button and be served a plethora of categories, including 36 under Arts & Crafts. There is also a separate Arts category, as well as Aviation, Bulk Items and eBay Imported Items. Interesting! The FVF is 5%, except for a small number of categories, which have a higher fee and/or a flat listing fee. From what I understand, sellers are allowed to set an auction listing, or set the listing to unlimited, and not receive bids. I did not see forums or a community, but stores can be faved.

***Sellers Please Note that Vangoe offers free standalone listings, and a$9.95 per month shop feature. If you free list with Vangoe, you will not have a shop home for your products, and no shop banner. Your listings will only be in the stream of the marketplace. Visitors can pull up all listings per seller, but no shop front will show for that seller. To have your own shop front you have to buy the monthly subscription.

Vangoe.com FAQs.
The Creative Seller


Artsy Craftery Design Studio said...

During the holidays, 2016, Fervous was having problems processing OOAK listings. As reported by one seller, the inventory system was malfunctioning, causing customers to be able to order OOAK products that had been sold. In a message to me, the seller stated that she had contacted admin, and when she did not receive a reply, she removed her listings. She said that it was just too frustrating. She had had to rush around and crunch time to create a knitted product for a customer, who ordered a sold product.

Artsy Craftery Design Studio said...

Fervous.com closed.

Artsy Craftery Design Studio said...

Artiffy and Vangoe are closed.

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