Friday, October 14, 2016

NEWS: Yarn Available From Retiring Crochet Crafter

Barbara, at Barb's Crochet, selling off yarn inventory.

Because of health challenges, Barbara at Barb's Crochet will no longer be able to practice her craft. She is offering her large supply of crochet yarn at greatly reduced prices to anyone who is interested.

She says, "I am having to quit crocheting due to my hands. I have a ton of crochet thread on hand that I will sell real cheap if anyone is interested. I have Simply soft, Re Heart, Baby Sport weight yarn and others."

She has shared that she has lots of 4ply Simply Soft, lots of Red Heart Super Saver, and a good bit of Sport Yarn, mostly Bernet. She also says, "I will sell any of it for $1.50 a ball +postage. I also have a lot of partial balls that I will let go pretty cheap too."

Barb has been crocheting for over 6 decades, since she was 12, and her designs are exquisitely executed.  Her plan and hope is, "I am sticking to my sewing and hope it takes over for me."

She says that if the yarn inventory doesn't sell via direct contact, she will most likely list it in her crochet shop. Contact her at "I respond to all correspondence within a few  hours", she promises.

Barbara also loves to do oil painting. Find her other shops here:

Creative Designs by Barb: Handmade Designs For Mom & The Kids
Gallery of Art by Barb: Landscapes, Floral And Abstracts

The Creative Seller

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