Sunday, October 23, 2016

CRAFTING: Cutting Memory Wire For Bracelets & Necklaces

Recently began training at Youtube videos to make memory wire bracelets. One crafter stressed the fact that special cutting pliers are needed. 

 Apparently, this is because the composition of the circle-retaining wire is such that cutting it with regular jewelry wire cutters damages them. I have several types of pliers, including flush ones, and was tempted to go with one of them. Decided to check on memory wire cutters prices and availability.

This one is from Amazon:

I found one at Walmart called a parrot-beak wire cutter that was also under $4 then. They both look like the one used by Gail Nettles, the Beaded Jewelry Diva, in her video tut below:


I'm excited about digging in my large bead supply to create my designs. If you've ever thought about making memory wire bracelets, get started! It's much easier than it seems.

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