Monday, October 17, 2016

Amateur Photography: Flowers From The Yard & POD Products

Walking through my yard, I would see these pretty little flowers growing from 2-5" in the grass. The color was a cross between bright pink and purple, and their stems were so long and skinny. I love small things and working in small spaces, so I began to pick tiny bouquets of them.

I had the perfect tiny vase in which to display them, an empty, glass salt shaker that I was saving for a craft project. Every few days, when the bouquet withered, I would happily walk through the backyard to collect more of the flowers that I discovered are wood sorrels.

I had searched my description on Google, then clicked the images tab. When I found the pic that most resembled them, I followed the link to read about the wild blooms. I have found the identity to many plants by doing this simple research, including beauty berries, sweet gum tree, passion flowers and mimosa (silk) tree.

My bouquet in the makeshift vase was so pretty and the individual stems so lovely, that I decided to try my hand at photographing them. So, these are photos of my lavender wood sorrels, picked from my backyard. These tiny flowers are so delicate,  ethereal almost. I love picking them from among the shamrocks. In fact, they are sometimes called "false shamrocks." They are of the Oxalis species, the largest genus in the wood sorrel family.

I enjoy manipulating my images with filters, and decided to use an impressionist filter for my wood sorrel series. Though I have many years experience, I am an amateur at using image editing programs, and an amateur photographer. If I can do it,you can too.

I use a PS Samsung camera, which stands for point-and-shoot. I had considered buying a DSLR camera, which is a 35mm device, but decided that a PS gives me good quality images that I am satisfied with. Since I like doing close-ups, I make sure that any camera that I buy has a macro feature. This is indicated by a tiny flower icon on a settings button and/or an image in the settings window. 

No two photographs are ever alike, no matter how hard we try to recreate the image in our still life arrangements. My chance to photograph wood sorrels like this will never come again, because the opportunity is once in a lifetime. Subsequent arrangements will have their own beauty though.

You can find my Lavender Wood Sorrel images on POD products at Zazzle.
I currently use a Samsung camera, DV150F model.
My favorite image editing software is Photostudio 6.

Creative Selling Ideas at TCS: 

  1.  Sell your images on products at POD sites.

    a. Practice editing images, and experiment with filters through your favorite image editing program.

    b. Practice taking photos from different angles, up close and far away.

    c. Join a POD site. Search Google for POD websites. Some are Zazzle  , Red Bubble, Cafepress, Society6, Fine Art America.

    d. Learn to take and edit large images, around 6000x6000px. Don't take small images and enlarge them, because your images on the products will be blurry and pixelated. This is a big no-no in POD production. Doing this can usually only work when using certain image enlarging software that smooths the edges of the pixels. 

    e. Learn how to upload your images for sale on products of your choice, at the site that you choose at which to open your shop. 

    Good Luck and Have Fun!

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