Sunday, October 23, 2016

CRAFTING: Cutting Memory Wire For Bracelets & Necklaces

Recently began training at Youtube videos to make memory wire bracelets. One crafter stressed the fact that special cutting pliers are needed. 

 Apparently, this is because the composition of the circle-retaining wire is such that cutting it with regular jewelry wire cutters damages them. I have several types of pliers, including flush ones, and was tempted to go with one of them. Decided to check on memory wire cutters prices and availability.

This one is from Amazon:

I found one at Walmart called a parrot-beak wire cutter that was also under $4 then. They both look like the one used by Gail Nettles, the Beaded Jewelry Diva, in her video tut below:


I'm excited about digging in my large bead supply to create my designs. If you've ever thought about making memory wire bracelets, get started! It's much easier than it seems.

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Thursday, October 20, 2016

MARKETING: How To Make A Youtube Video

You could boost the marketing of your brand by creating a slideshow with Powerpoint, or any other presentation software, like the free Apache OpenOffice Impress, or Youtube. If you use any of the free video programs offered by websites such as Animoto or Kizoa, you will only be able to make a 30- seconds length video. Better than nothing, but not descriptive enough.

To make a longer, free video, you can use Youtube's Creator Studio, available to anyone who has a Youtube account. You automatically have access to Youtube if you have a Google account, though you may have never visited to complete your profile and build your channel.

Here are my quick and easy steps to making a Youtube video. You can do it. Just set aside a little pocket of time, take a deep breath, and dive in. You don't even have to do all of my steps at one time. Do 2-3 at a time, when you can make time. You can always delete your practice videos so no one will watch them.  So you can't procrastinate and say that you don't want others to see your flops. So, here we go!

  • Go to Youtube, and sign in if you're not already. Click your avatar in top righthand corner, then select Creator Studio.
  • In lefthand sidebar select Create.
  • Under Create select Video Editor.

  • To the left of the video screen select the Camera icon.
  • Under that icon bar select Add Photos To Project, or Add More Photos.
  • Upload your photos from your computer, or select from the photos that Google shows you are stored in your Google Photos acct from images you share at G+, Blogger, etc.
  • Save a name for your project by clicking the Project window near the top left of the page. Change the default name in the window, My Edited Video, to whatever name you want to use. If you are creating a practice video, name it that.
  • If you want to start on another video project, and keep the one you are working on, click the little down arrow beside the word Project, and a drop down menu will show. Click the New Project button (your current video project has automatically been saved), and a new page will be created, with a new project name, again called My Edited Video.  
  • This is where your projects that you don't complete will be. If you have more than one in progress, and don't give them a name, they all will have the name My Edited Video.

  • To continue with your video creation, lay your cursor on each pic one at a time, and click the + sign in the corner of each to add the ones you want to the video bar below.
  • As they are added, the video will start playing so you can see how it looks already.

  • To add text, click the "a" letter on the icon bar.
  • Go down to the video bar where your images are and click the 1st image that you want to add text to.
  • Go back up to the text creation window beside the video window and click the word Text.
  • There are several text adjustments that you can make.
  • Be sure to check the box  beside "Enable Text" or you won't be able to see on the video screen the text that you are creating as you make changes.
  • Add text to whatever image you want by clicking each one as you finish the other.

  • To return to the original icon tool bar, where you can add transitions between images, scroll to the bottom right of the page and move the button beside the magnifying glass to the left if you can, or a little to the right.
  • This resets the page to the original icon bar.

  • To add transitions, click the bow tie icon.
  • Click, hold and drag the transition of your choice to the video bar where you images are, and hold it between any 2 images until that between space light up, and then drop it.
  • The dragged transition should drop between the images and the video will start playing.
  • Video plays a lot when you do just about anything. I found that clicking in the blank space to the right of the video bar after your last image usually stops it.

  • To add music, click the music note icon.
  • To listen to the tracks first to choose the one you like, click the play triangle to the left of the track name.
  • To add a track click the plus sign to the far right of the track beside the track length figure.
  • The track will be placed under the video bar where your images are, into the music bar below that.

  • After you add your text, transitions and music, and are happy with your multimedia creation, click Create Video in the blue rectangle at the top right of the page.
  • YT will tell you that it will take a while to process your video, and you will receive a msg when it is completed.
  • You will find your video in your YT Channel beneath your header, beneath Created Playlists, under Uploads. That's where mine are.
  • There are other Youtube Video Creator features that I don't know about, or how to use. The steps above have been all that I've needed to create my videos. I do edit this post as I think of things that may make the instructions clearer and easier.

These are the first 2 videos that I created using the exact steps that I've shared above. For the first one, I used the grid and panning in and out transitions, a purple banner at the bottom of the screen set to maybe 40% transparency, and 2 fonts in white. The length is 2:48 minutes.

For the next video, I used the grid and the diamond transitions, a green banner with a bottom orientation, set to about 60% transparency, and 2 fonts in white. Length is 2:04 minutes.

Play around with the Youtube Creator video maker when you can make time. You can delete any test video that you don't like. So there's no excuse for you not to work on creating your 1st promotional video, and upgrade your brand promotion. Mostly everything I do I started by trying and testing.  Trial and error. One way to do it when you have nothing else!

Good luck! You CAN do it!

The Creative Seller 

Images: Free Images

Monday, October 17, 2016

Amateur Photography: Flowers From The Yard & POD Products

Walking through my yard, I would see these pretty little flowers growing from 2-5" in the grass. The color was a cross between bright pink and purple, and their stems were so long and skinny. I love small things and working in small spaces, so I began to pick tiny bouquets of them.

I had the perfect tiny vase in which to display them, an empty, glass salt shaker that I was saving for a craft project. Every few days, when the bouquet withered, I would happily walk through the backyard to collect more of the flowers that I discovered are wood sorrels.

I had searched my description on Google, then clicked the images tab. When I found the pic that most resembled them, I followed the link to read about the wild blooms. I have found the identity to many plants by doing this simple research, including beauty berries, sweet gum tree, passion flowers and mimosa (silk) tree.

My bouquet in the makeshift vase was so pretty and the individual stems so lovely, that I decided to try my hand at photographing them. So, these are photos of my lavender wood sorrels, picked from my backyard. These tiny flowers are so delicate,  ethereal almost. I love picking them from among the shamrocks. In fact, they are sometimes called "false shamrocks." They are of the Oxalis species, the largest genus in the wood sorrel family.

I enjoy manipulating my images with filters, and decided to use an impressionist filter for my wood sorrel series. Though I have many years experience, I am an amateur at using image editing programs, and an amateur photographer. If I can do it,you can too.

I use a PS Samsung camera, which stands for point-and-shoot. I had considered buying a DSLR camera, which is a 35mm device, but decided that a PS gives me good quality images that I am satisfied with. Since I like doing close-ups, I make sure that any camera that I buy has a macro feature. This is indicated by a tiny flower icon on a settings button and/or an image in the settings window. 

No two photographs are ever alike, no matter how hard we try to recreate the image in our still life arrangements. My chance to photograph wood sorrels like this will never come again, because the opportunity is once in a lifetime. Subsequent arrangements will have their own beauty though.

You can find my Lavender Wood Sorrel images on POD products at Zazzle.
I currently use a Samsung camera, DV150F model.
My favorite image editing software is Photostudio 6.

Creative Selling Ideas at TCS: 

  1.  Sell your images on products at POD sites.

    a. Practice editing images, and experiment with filters through your favorite image editing program.

    b. Practice taking photos from different angles, up close and far away.

    c. Join a POD site. Search Google for POD websites. Some are Zazzle  , Red Bubble, Cafepress, Society6, Fine Art America.

    d. Learn to take and edit large images, around 6000x6000px. Don't take small images and enlarge them, because your images on the products will be blurry and pixelated. This is a big no-no in POD production. Doing this can usually only work when using certain image enlarging software that smooths the edges of the pixels. 

    e. Learn how to upload your images for sale on products of your choice, at the site that you choose at which to open your shop. 

    Good Luck and Have Fun!

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Friday, October 14, 2016

NEWS: Yarn Available From Retiring Crochet Crafter

Barbara, at Barb's Crochet, selling off yarn inventory.

Because of health challenges, Barbara at Barb's Crochet will no longer be able to practice her craft. She is offering her large supply of crochet yarn at greatly reduced prices to anyone who is interested.

She says, "I am having to quit crocheting due to my hands. I have a ton of crochet thread on hand that I will sell real cheap if anyone is interested. I have Simply soft, Re Heart, Baby Sport weight yarn and others."

She has shared that she has lots of 4ply Simply Soft, lots of Red Heart Super Saver, and a good bit of Sport Yarn, mostly Bernet. She also says, "I will sell any of it for $1.50 a ball +postage. I also have a lot of partial balls that I will let go pretty cheap too."

Barb has been crocheting for over 6 decades, since she was 12, and her designs are exquisitely executed.  Her plan and hope is, "I am sticking to my sewing and hope it takes over for me."

She says that if the yarn inventory doesn't sell via direct contact, she will most likely list it in her crochet shop. Contact her at "I respond to all correspondence within a few  hours", she promises.

Barbara also loves to do oil painting. Find her other shops here:

Creative Designs by Barb: Handmade Designs For Mom & The Kids
Gallery of Art by Barb: Landscapes, Floral And Abstracts

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Monday, October 10, 2016

CALL FOR CRAFTS: Pics Featuring Baker's Twine


Seeking pics of baker's twine used in handmades.

Will be added to this post at The Creative Seller: along with a link back to your listing/blog/etc. Only requirement if your image is selected: make one comment, at the blog post in question, that contributes to the discussion.

Artsy Craftery Studio 4 Feelings Tags at Paper Euphoria featuring baker's twine ties.
Send your bright, sharp image, with the link back that you desire, along with your shop/blog name and personal name if you want to include that, to I will cut off submissions when I've published what I feel will be enough additional images for the post.


Tuesday, October 4, 2016

CRAFTING: What Is Baker's Twine?

There used to be a time when I didn't think I could like and use that twisted white and colored twine, though I do enjoy coordinating patterns. The more that I look at it, and use it, the more I like

Baker's twine adds a colorful punch to craft projects.

It's called baker's twine! It's so colorful and cheery, and makes me think about a festival or fair whenever I look at it. Watch this short video on how the James Lever Company in the UK makes theirs. It's fascinating.

Baker's twine is very big in the crafting world now, but it originated, and is still used, as a utilitarian bakery string. If you visited any bakeries when you were young, you may remember seeing white pastry or cake boxes tied with it.

From BlissWedding Market

Kristina, at Poppytalk Handmade Artists, shares that baker's twine is also called butcher's twine in Australia, and that it was first used to decoratively wrap around loaves (of bread, I assume). She, like me, has not been able to find any info on the history of it.

Tags with baker's twine from Paper Euphoria.

Brown and white baker's twine added the perfect touch to my brown-theme set of 4 Feelings Tags.

At her blog, Caroline shows you how to make your own version of a baker's-type twine. It's actually very funky! She used a really white twine, which came out beautifully.

The Twinery sells mini bundles, in addition to rolls, and offers economical shipping. I'm sold on this jazzy, triple-twisted cord, and will make sure that I always have some on hand!
The Creative Seller
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