Saturday, September 24, 2016

WRITING: Decide Which Lines In Your Poem Should Rhyme

When I felt the inspiration to write this poem, I decided that I wanted to have 3-line stanzas, and rhyme the 2nd and 3rd lines. I don't know what that format is, and it doesn't matter. It's just creating, from the deep sense of self. Usually, I let my poetry flow and create itself, and it will usually be free verse. But sometimes, like with this poem, I attempt to corral in the words and give them a more formal structure.


I saw a touch of fall today.
It was the morning when I walked.
The coming season to me talked.

The turning trees along the way
Were not quite turning yet, but I
Expect to see it by and by.

The sky was cloudy, heavy, gray.
As I walked on I heard a word.
It was a bird, but that's absurd.

For birds a word they cannot say,
But in my fancy on my walk,
Imagined I the bird did talk.

Notice how the last words in the 2nd and 3rd lines of each stanza rhyme. This is called end rhyme (Creative), because there is a type of rhyme where words in the middle of lines rhyme. I don't deal much with identifying and naming formal poetry styles. I do use the words Haiku and Senryu, because their formats are easy to understand and practice.

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footstepofgrace said...

Beautiful. And well explained. I am free verse from the heart and soul as well. I write what my soul is given. And despite my learning disability God has put a cap if you will on that when it comes to delivering his message.

Artsy Craftery Design Studio said...

Free verse is the best! Explain about "God has put a cap if you will on that when it comes to delivering his message."

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