Saturday, September 3, 2016

NEWS: 11 Main Now OpenSky

11 Main has merged with and is now OpenSky. The website is offering a special 20% off to celebrate. Their tagline is Welcome to our new home where you can find the best deals on everything that you love.

The sellers at OpenSky offer all types of merchandise. It looks like handmades would be listed under hobby, though they could be placed under any pertinent category. I did a search for 2 common and saturated categories, handmade tags and handmade cards. Not a single one came up. So for now, OpenSky seems like it's mainly a resellers haven. As with 11 Main, membership seems to still be via invite, though application.
The Creative Seller

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Artsy Craftery Design Studio said...

GLC Craft Mall is no longer offering free stores, but a 30-day free trial. Their lowest priced subscription is $3.50 per month for 100 listings.

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