Tuesday, August 9, 2016

WRITING: How To Twist A Cliche In A Short Story

I don't like using common, trite, time-worn phrases and themes in my stories.
 This is my 3rd 1000- words, characters and spaces short (micro) story challenge for the group, Aspiring Writers' Short Story Challenge, at Linkedin! The August challenge is titled "The Toy." 

You know how I don't like using common, trite, time-worn phrases and themes in my stories. When I read the prompt for this month, the first idea that came to mind, boy toy, was an immediate non-keeper. As my mind sought an idea, the image of Jill's dilemma evolved. While the boy toy phrase ended up being important, the story, however, did not end with the usual experience or attitude relating to this cliche. I was glad for the twist, because I got my wish to not be mediocre in relating this moment in time.

The Toy


Sandi J. Holland 
Jill stroked the red tube across her lips, smacking them together. Leaning to the mirror, she eyed the specks. Snatching a tissue and wetting it, she dabbed away the marks below her lower lashes. “WHAT is happening?” she pondered. She didn’t feel the same. Hadn’t she always treated them like they expected? Disposables. “Why would I need to change?” Puzzled, she grabbed her comb. As always, she ignored the prick of guilt that nagged when she justified her attitude. This though, she could not ignore.

She was not the same. Six weeks and he was not gone. SHE was changing. Unthinkable! Those who didn’t submit, left. Had he known all along that in his quiet, mature, confident way he would not submit, but that she would change? Strange thing is, she liked it. Being different. Being equal. Considering his feelings. It felt better. More exciting.

She waltzed out the door to her date of the past month and one-half. He was certainly NOT a boy, and she could no longer think of him as "The ToY."
The Creative Seller 


Artsy Craftery Design Studio said...

I have decided to move on from the Aspiring Writers' Short Story Challenge at LI. My story disappeared from the group, and it is possible that LI censored it because of perceived offensive word(s). I am not sure that was the reason, but I know that it happened to another group member.

I appreciate LI's carefulness in weeding out undesirable content, but I don't want to have to pick through my stories for words that MAY erroneously signal red flags. I don't have the time either. Everything that I write is family-friendly.

Our society has taken normal words and phrases, and made them into obscene content. It is a shame, because I don't write anything near erotica or explicit. I think if LI is going to censor like this, they should have a crew who actually reads and processes the flags. In that way, unoffensive posts will remain.

I have enjoyed participating in the writing challenges in this group, so I am considering running my own now, through my website, or at a social site like G+. If I don't do that, I will look for another group to join. G+ has a lot of them. I really would rather just write, and not have the responsibility of managing a group.

J C said...

Is THIS the offensive story? With offensive words? I sure cannot find any and there is nothing offensive about this story at all. Gosh Sandi, good idea to move on. xo

Artsy Craftery Design Studio said...

Hey Judie: Well, what it is is that LI (as other sites do) have operative words that they have determined will help them to identify and weed out unacceptable content. Unfortunately, many words now share their meanings with offensive and obscene associations. Before my story disappeared, it happened to another writer there. The group owner contacted LI to get to the bottom of it, and found out that that was the reason. So that's how I know. Too bad that one of the words in these being pricked by your conscience, or being pricked by a pin, would cause unfair censoring through an auto-generated platform.

Anyway, thanks for reading. I've kept in contact with another writer there, and told him that I will be considering starting my own writing prompt-type of group, here at my website. He writes mostly fantasy.

You know, Judie, sometimes distasteful things happen in order to push us to move on to something better. If I am blessed to get the micro story writing group started, it will help a lot of aspiring writers, and benefit me and my website as well.

So nice to hear from you. You have been writing in the Haiku My Heart group for a long time, haven't you? I imagine it is such a peaceful group. Would love to start one of those also. I've started by publishing a post, a couple of weeks ago, encouraging others to consider writing Haiku.

Unknown said...
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Artsy Craftery Design Studio said...
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