Wednesday, August 24, 2016

KITCHEN: It's Like Green Tea But Better

Rooibos red herbal tea has great benefits.

I bought some Twinings Red Rooibos Tea in my first step to start drinking more tea than decaf coffee. Rooibos red tea grows in South Africa. Though it is similar to green and mate tea, it provides more antioxidants. It has several minerals and is high in calcium too. Katie at Wellness Mama says, "It is important to note that Rooibos is technically an herbal tea and not a true tea." I didn't realize that herbal teas are not true teas. They're enough tea for me though.

SlowLifeCuppa says this naturally-sweet red tea is pronounced "(pronounced ‘rrroy-boss’)". She lives in South Africa, and knows the best way to brew this native hot beverage. The main thing seems to be that Rooibos tea brews better on the stove, and doesn't become bitter while remaining over heat. The longer it steeps, the more fragrant and darker pink it becomes, while maintaining it's flavor.

Livestrong gives some warnings about Rooibos tea use. Because of estrogenic activity, talk to your doctor before use if you have breast cancer. If you are undergoing chemotherapy, talk to your doctor before using this antioxidant-rich drink, because of possible interference. If you have liver or kidney disease, talk with a doctor before use.

Well, it's time for me to try my new tea. So glad that Rooibos gets better with steeping hot or cold. Like SlowLifeCuppa, I never remove the bag from my cup either!

Creative Selling Ideas at TCS:

  1. Mix your own tea blends and name them, package in bags that you designed, and sell.
  2.  Design and list tea cards. They have a tea bag in a pocket on the front or inside of the tea-themed card.

Wellness Mama
The Creative Seller

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Artsy Craftery Design Studio said...

The first thing that I noticed when I sniffed my freshly steeped cup of Rooibos tea is the pleasant woody fragrance. I thought wow, men would enjoy this tea, versus fruity teas. When I took my first sip, that woody fragrance was carried over in the earthy taste. I immediately liked it because it is so different from the teas that I drink. I knew that the earthy, woody flavor would blend well with honey, which I mainly use as the sweetener in my hot drinks. Rooibos red tea is a keeper!

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