Saturday, August 6, 2016


DJ Pettitt Sewn Journal

Well, I just overdosed on DJ Pettitt, a crafter, artist, photographer and workshop teacher. She creates stunning nature photography, delicious fabric books, and exquisite sewn cards. She says about herself,

DJ Pettitt Sewn Card
"Creating for me is essential...and a large part of who I am. I enjoy painting with acrylics on many different substrates, creating journals and art books, photography, Photoshop, and teaching art workshops nationally, internationally, and online."

DJ Pettitt Photography

I saw her work at Pinterest, where I was looking at the stacked journal, in the first image, and thinking WHAT in the WORLD! See her work here:

Flickr: Art Books And Journals Album
Typepad: Gentle Whispering Hues
Blogger: Gentle Whispering Hues

  DJ Pettitt Inspiration by Turquoise Thoughts

The Creative Seller

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