Sunday, July 17, 2016

MARKETING: Terrific Targeting Tactics~Doc Kazoo

This craftsman knows how to parlay his skills into the current news stream. He's George Collins, known as Doc Kazoo of the Great Aswego Kazoo Factory. I don't know what any of the candidates have to do with kazoos, but he has listed in his Artfire shop the Hillary Election 2016 Collector Edition Campaign Kazoo. He also has one for Donald, and one for Bernie. They are all part of his Campaign 2016 Race To The Whitehouse Collector Edition Folk Kazoos.

While it can seem like a kitschy or exploitative move, it is actually an example of identifying a niche market for a product. Campaign supporters can blow these handcrafted folk instruments to support their candidates, and retain a durable souvenir. Now if his listings don't get a lot of hits during this last half of 2016, I don't know whose will!  Very smart move, Mr. Kazoo! We should be so savvy.

George Collins won Artfire's 2016 Top Arts & Crafts Maker in their Great American Maker search.
The Creative Seller

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